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Sample day:


Smith Family - Costa Rica Proposed Activities


Charles, most if not all of our tours depart from Playa Negra, that being said ,we are happy to pick you up at your hotel/condo or house.  At the end of the day we will return you to the same location.

  • All-day Tour

    • There are two:

      • The first one is zip-lining through a canyon with rock climbing, horseback riding (usually to a waterfall), water float down the river (it has some rapids), lunch, mud bath and hot springs.  

      • The second is your typical tree to tree zip-line or walking bridges, 400 mt water slide, lunch, horseback riding to the mud bath and hot springs.  

    • Both of these tour are all day and take place on Rincon de la Vieja volcano. We will pick you up at 6:00 am stop for breakfast at the German Bakery, continue to the mountain/volcano for all the activities.  While you are there we help keep you on track and help with your translation. On your way back, we can stop at a local restaurant for some typical Costa Rican food, and finally to your home.

      • Tour cost for either above tour is $135.00 per person

      • Our drive cost day tour and tour guide is included in this price.

        • This a very physical tour and we will be out from 6AM to around 6PM, depending on a dinner stop could be longer.

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