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Monkey Wildlife Rescue

Refugio Animales de Nosara rescues all types of injured, orphaned and displaced
wild animals, specializing in howler monkeys. The Refugio, as it is known locally, became an official organization in 2002. It provides immediate emergency medical attention and feeds, shelters and treats animals while supplying ongoing medical treatment by veterinary and wildlife specialists. Last year alone, more than 132 monkeys came through the rescue center.

Animals that have been rescued by the Refugio and recover to a stable condition are
transferred to enclosed habitats in the jungle at Sibu Sanctuary to reintroduce them to
their natural setting. The Sibu staff provides ongoing rehabilitative care in the secured
enclosure, which is planted with monkey friendly trees and plants. Eventually, healthy animals are then released back into the wild.


This tour gives you the opportunity to learn about the rescue center as well as the animals. You will see injured monkeys and other wild animals that the center is attempting to rehabilitate and release back into the wild.

Costa Rica Wildlife Refuge
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