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Beach Horseback Riding

Beach Horseback Riding

Ride along the beach, climb several bluffs and enjoy amazing views of the coastline. Visit the beaches of Playa Negra and Avellanas, just a short horse ride away.  Horse trails through teak plantations, see tropical birds, and canter with your horse along the Golden Pacific Coast.  Horseback tours allow travelers to experience several spectacular places within the course of a few hours or a few days. Imagine riding through a misty rainforest before gearing up for a river rafting adventure, or perhaps crossing creeks and streams before soaking away the afternoon in geothermal hot springs. Horseback rides can take you to one place or ten, all the while making the journey one of the most memorable parts of the adventure. Inexperienced riders are welcomed, and tours can be arranged for both private individuals and larger groups.  Although horseback riding is possible throughout most of the country, we have some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica that can be discovered on a relaxing horse ride just around the corner.  We also have some access other locations to include Monteverde, Arenal and Rincón de La Vieja.


Rainforest On Horseback:
Explore Costa Rica’s lush rainforest and wildlife on horseback. This is an experience that will last forever!


Beachfront on Horseback:
We’ll stroll along the beach on horseback and stop for a picnic.


Sunset Beach on Horseback:
Trot along the beach as the sunsets before your very eyes. Whether it’s a tour for romance or a tour for fun, this is one of the best.

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