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Fishing in Costa Rica

Ocean Fishing

Fishing your thing? Fish like the locals. A native Costa Rican fishing guide will take you out in the open ocean to catch whatever big fish is biting that day. You can experience a half or full day of fishing the Costa Rican waters.

The offshore waters of Costa Rica boast fish weighing between 4 and 400 pounds – including sailfish, marlin, yellow fin tuna, red snapper and much more – it’s little surprise that the fishing here is so good. As such, sport fishing tours are a wonderful way for both beginners and experts alike to get their hands wet while reeling in a whopper. The tours, which employ well-equipped fishing boats, can be as short as a half day or as long as seven days. Certain seasons are better for certain types of fish, sailfish, marlin, roosterfish, mahi-mahi, tuna, and over 15 species of other fish are found in the waters off of Costa Rica.

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