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Volcanoes in Costa Rica
Exploring Volcanoes in Costa Rica

Volcano Hikes #1 and #2 / Rio Celeste

Within Costa Rica there are hundreds of volcanic formations that run along the Volcanic Corridor from Guanacaste, in the north, to the border of Panama in the south. Many volcanoes are dormant and in remote locations- great for a day trip.

Encompassed by the scenic Guanacaste Mountain Range,  Rincon de la Vieja strato volcano sits amid 34,800 acres of national park territory. It is a great place to escape from Guancaste’s sun-splashed beaches and to enjoy cool air, refreshing waterfalls, beautiful birds, and fantastic hiking. Its unique environment offers a different kind of Guanacaste vacation experience.


The scenic Tenorio Volcano, which stands 6,287 feet tall, is considered dormant. Yet the surrounding terrain is dotted with geothermal activity in the form of thermal hot springs and geysers. The area is perhaps best known for the mystical Rio Celeste, a fascinating river with a unique and strange blue hue, generated from a chemistry of sulfur and calcium carbonates.

We can accommodate hike intensity, length, and route to your preference and fitness level.

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