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Mountain Biking



  • Costa Rica's diverse terrain provides beautiful scenery and exceptional features for mountain biking

  • An exciting way to explore Costa Rica's natural beauty where you'll get to see farms, waterfalls, rainforests, and potentially even some of the nation's most iconic wildlife!

  • A bilingual guide will accompany you and be able to point out native plant and animal species

Costa Rica's diverse terrain of rainforests, mountains, plains, beaches, and more grants you the ability for an interesting ride suitable for people of all riding abilities! This is a safe and exciting way to explore the beautiful country in a manner other tours cannot do. Throughout the course of the tour, stops will be made for activities such as swimming, eating, or breaks as needed. In addition, a bilingual guide will be along for the ride in order to provide you with information in relation to native animals and plants that you may encounter throughout the ride. Most importantly, this tour can be tailored to your experience level and interest as, like with all our other tours, it revolves around you to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

Additional note: A TREK mountain bike will be provided for use on your tour. 

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