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Hanging bridges in Costa Rica

Hanging Bridges

Once in the canopy you will experience the magnificent views of a peaceful farm as well as spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. As you are enjoying your tour, through 800 acres of primary forest (old wood), 250 acres of secondary forest (new wood), 350 acres of tree-lined pastures, six rivers, multiple natural springs and waterfalls, you are likely to observe many of our diverse wildlife. Monkeys and birds are plentiful but deer and puma also share this natural habitat.



Hanging bridges have developed into one of the country’s most popular and widespread activities. Composed of steel cable bridges and platforms strung at various heights between trees, they offer travelers a unique means of accessing beautiful and remote natural areas. The feeling of walking among the tree tops as you cross the various bridges is breathtaking. You can find hanging bridges all over Costa Rica, but some of the best are found at Monteverde, Arenal, and Rincon de la Vieja.

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