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Surfing in Costa Rica

Surf Hopping Lessons & Tours

Their are many world renowned surfing beaches that are available for you to ride. From Beginner to pro there is a beach and wave for you. We have a great instructor who has top of the line equipment. He will take you out on Playa Negra, which is a great beach to learn and really experience the surf. Bring lots of sunscreen. From Playa Tamarindo south to Playa Marbella we have some of the best surfing beaches within a short drive, once you have a lesson or two you can explore new beaches.

Surf Spot Tour
We’ll take you to some of the best surf spots in the area… even places only the locals know about. And as we said, whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been surfing since you could stand, we have the perfect surf spot for you.

Surf School Tour
So, you want to learn how to surf? Well, being that we’re here year around and surfing is in our blood, we’re here to teach you. We’ll show you everything from how to pop up, how to fall down, and then how to stay up and ride the waves!

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